About Gellit

Gellit is an innovative fertilizer & soil conditioner formula. GELLIT's innovation is an animal manure-based fertilizer and soil conditioner that hydrates the soil while slowly releasing nutrients for crops to grow.

In modern agriculture, fertilizers are widely used to boost plant growth, requiring significant water. Using GELLIT-producing infrastructure, a farm not only becomes more independent of cultivation-related supply-chain defects that may occur but also reduces water usage, cost of fertilizers and, thus, animal feed.

Conventional chemical fertilizer production is fossil fuel-based and energy-intensive, while their effect is an explosion of substrates that mostly leach into natural waters. While soil conditioners are a potential solution against droughts, they mostly lack nutrients. Raw manure is also viable but has technical difficulties, such as troublesome storage and transportation.

GELLIT offers farms the Local Fertilizer Manufacturing Unit (LFMU). The production of GELLIT is neither energy-intensive nor fossil fuel-based, and all its components come from sustainable sources and are biodegradable.

Primary partners are farms that keep livestock and grow crops to feed them, or agriculture-related companies that are aiming to introduce new technologies. GELLIT aims to provide solutions tailored to existing or planned manure/slurry management procedures scaled to actual land size and capacity.

How does Gellit work?

It can absorb and retain large amounts of water.

Providing continous water availability for plants.

It is also packed with a popular and abundant fertilizer alternative - animal manure - Boosting plant growth in an optimized manner.

Benefits are:

  • Increased drought protection
  • Less water needed
  • Better nutrient availability
  • Slow release formula

We offer the GELLIT factory

It is a small-scale production unit that fits right into your waste management process.

Utilizing your own waste (animal manure) with our technology, you can transform it into a quality fertilizer that also enhances the soils water retaining capability, thereby reducing the cost of irrigation and providing protection against the ever increasing frequency and severity of droughts.

Unlock the potential of circular farming!

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